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Of all the chores done by pet owners, the least enjoyable is undoubtedly cleaning up their pet's waste products. An undesirable but necessary task, it is important to dispose of waste promptly and properly. Viruses, bacteria and parasites can be spread in the yard or other areas used for eliminations. Feces attract flies and other insects, damage lawns, make walking hazardous and just plain smells bad. Montgomery County and Snowden’s Mill community have rules prohibiting leaving the animal waste in public property. Please be sure to comply with the Snowdens Mill and Montgomery county rules regarding animal waste disposal.

Unpleasant as it may be, there is some advantage in picking up after your pet as it serves as a valuable health monitor. If your pet eliminates out of your line of sight on a regular basis, cleaning up the waste may be the only time you become aware of a health problem. Stool that is off-color, contains blood or mucus or has turned to diarrhea is a reason to contact your veterinarian. You may also see parasites or foreign material in the feces, another cause for medical attention.

Many innovative people are sympathetic to your plight and a variety of products have been developed to make the collection process easier. Specially made scoopers eliminate the need for bending and have spring loaded traps so they can be easily operated. There are specialized scoops with bag attachments so the feces fall right into a disposable bag. There are even scoop and broom combinations. A visit to your local pet supply store will surprise you with a variety of options.

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